Batumi Backyard Stories

Batumi Backyard Stories is a project based on participation that involves the creative collaboration of Georgian and international artists in selected backyards and streets of the old Batumi. The necessary condition of the project is a creative interaction with the yards’ residents to reveal their cultural heritage, personal stories and everyday life - showing the urban and social dynamics of the city. The works created during the project significantly change how residents experience the yards by revealing the unknown stories, cultural, historical and existential peculiarities of each backyard.

Diagrams series Edgar Morin
Textil paint on cotton t-shirt

 based on "La M├ęthode" - "La Nature de la nature", 1977, from Edgar Morin, photo credits by Lia Karl

Holy Mountains series Batumi
graffite on paper

collection of several neighbours wallpapers via frottage technique and presented on a backyard under construction

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